Remote Power Control


Powerless is a multi-platform utility to remotely send power commands between computers on a local network. It has the capability to send a Wake-on-LAN (WOL) signal to a machine within the same subnet as the client (WOL must be enabled in the server's BIOS). If the listener program is running on the server, it can receive signals from the client to sleep, hibernate, shutdown, and restart.


Java must be installed on the system for Powerless to run. On Windows, the easiest way to install is to download the Windows Installer below and walk through the setup wizard. It will automatically detect whether or not Java is installed, and prompt to download it if required. After installation, you can run the client and listener programs from their Start Menu shortcuts as you would any other Windows application.

On any platform where Java is supported, the binaries may be extracted to any directory. To run the program from a command line (or script), navigate to the location where the files were extracted and type "javaw Client" or "javaw Listener". To view output from the listener, replace "javaw" with "java". If your Java directory is not in your path statement, you must use the entire path to the java or javaw binary. Depending on your system configuration, you may need to run the listener with root/administrator privileges for some power commands to work.

On non-Windows platforms where the listener is run, you must customize the sleep, hibernate, shutdown, and restart commands. You can do this by either selecting "Configure" from the tray icon's context menu, or by modifying the listener.properties file in the installation directory. The commands currently cannot be customized on Windows systems.

From the client, you may add any number of listeners to the menu. You must enter the hostname or IP address, MAC address, and subnet broadcast address of the server you wish to control. If the listener is already running on the server, the MAC and broadcast addresses can be automatically detected.


Future features are likely to include a forwarder to allow control from outside the local network, a free ad-supported version of the Android app, automatic updates, running listener as service/daemon, and more customizable commands.


Powerless is licensed for free non-commercial use under the terms of the KO-CPFL. For information about commercial licensing, use the contact form. The Android app is available for use by anyone for $1.99USD through the Android Market.


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